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Nice job Arjun! You totally nailed the aesthetic of the original. I'm sure other people have mentioned this, but the transition between the normal tree sprite and the close-up sprite is very abrupt, and it can really make things difficult to parse when there are a bunch of giant trees on screen at once. The missile also doesn't feel as satisfying to fire, I don't know if it's something about its speed or maybe it doesn't go as far as I'm expecting. I'm not quite sure, but I'm sure you could toy around with it and make it feel a little better to shoot out those missiles.

Impressive clone Arjun! This clone does a great job at replicating the feel of the original. I also really enjoyed the particle effects you created when you successfully kill an enemy, very nice touch. The only thing that I would say could use some tuning are the trees. I like the way the trees pop in your face as you come closer to them, but the tree's width seemingly doubles out of nowhere because of it and can sometimes appear jarring. I think increasing the frequency of trees can also help because it feels like I'm not having to weave through the trees as much as I should.

Hi Arjun! I liked playing your clone! The text, player, UI, and title art is all astoundingly accurate to the original and it looks really nice, great job! I also very much enjoy your shooting mechanics. That’s where I struggled the most in my own clone and I think you did a very fine job implementing yours. It is accurate, direct, satisfying to use, and it the bullets and impacts look good! I appreciate the little explosion flair when you hit an enemy.
One part that I do think falls short for me is the sense of speed when I’m playing. I think you could potentially revise the high speed chase aspect of this by tuning some of those values to hit more closely to the original. Overall though I feel like yours is a successful clone and I am happy to have played it!

Hey Arjun! Really liked your clone! One thing I really like is the way trees snap into position when they're far in the distance. It's a really cool effect! 

However, I feel like the rate at which these trees grow when you get closer to them is a bit too drastic. I mainly just think the final sprite for the trees is too large compared to their other sprites. 

But other than that I thought this was great! The effects you have for when an enemy gets hit by a bullet/missile are also very juicy.