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This game makes feel like I have unlimited power, and that's rad. I really love the design, it's simple and fits so well. Without a doubt my favorite aspect though has to be the sound design. The cuts sound perfect and even spamming the space bar and hearing the slashes overlap is really amazing. I would totally play this more

This is a really beautiful game; the animations and sound effects compliment each other. My suggestion would be making the transitions and the showing of results slightly faster, since the actual gameplay is only a few seconds. Also, I would loved to see more of the flower pedal effects over the triangle effects, just personal preference. Finally, I wish there was a way to know how many total Ranks are there, or set a goal for the player. For example, prompt them with:"can you reach xxx rank?"

Hi Arjun, this game is incredible! I am especially impressed with the way you were I think able to successfully scope your project. I think you have come up with a relatively short but very complete and cohesive experience that feels extremely polished. The visuals you used are technically and creatively impressive, but they also come together to form a cohesive art style which adds to the feeling of polish. I think you also included a great choice and use of sound in this, your effects are spot on. I do think the inclusion of a high score either on the main menu or the score screen would help add to my desire to continue playing as I would have a specific goal to reach for and surpass each play through. Thank you for sharing this game though, I am really very impressed with it.

What's up Arjun, this game is ridiculous! It's absolutely stunning and it's giving me some major Seven Samurai x Persona vibes and I love it! I wanna see you come back to this game at some point and add a level system or something like that to expand the game, because I want more of this! I think going back to the title screen after you start playing feels a little slow and I want to be able to immediately go back to slashing. Just a minor timing thing. Good theme and sounds, extremely satisfying to play!

Howdy :D I do love the visuals.  Also my favorite mechanic was during a round where I tried to only do one slash on purpose that if you dont press the space for a while, a graphic for the space bar would flash on the screen.  Although I loved the intro, the first few playthroughs it was hard to tell when the game was supposed to start. A bit of text on the screen may solve some of that. (it's minor ik)

Arjun this game was absolutely beautiful! The visuals, the music, the effects - I loved everything about. You managed to turn a simple one-button game into this really magical experience.  I think the choice of keeping the art very minimal and simple adds to the tone you are trying to go for. I would have liked to been able to compare my scores or at least have some indication as to if I beat my previous score. I think because you have these lovely cut scenes to get to the game, a skip option for those who don't want to go through cutscene again would be something you could add. The music in the game is really beautiful and fits perfectly, I really enjoyed playing this game, amazing work!

Holy cow, Arjun! This game's visuals are insane. I love everything about it--from the blood splatter, to the falling leaves, to the very ominous triangles, everything fits together so well and I think it really captures the aesthetic you were aiming for! 

I think the one thing I'll point out, though, is that I do wish there was a "speedup" or "skip" button for the results screen. During some of my playthroughs, I knew for a fact that I messed up and I wanted to try again right away, but I had to wait for all of the animations to happen first. Perhaps make the animations unskippable when the player gets a new high score? But have the option to skip open when the player gets a really bad score? I think it makes sense cuz I'd want to see my 60+ score in all its glory (with animations on) when I know I did well... but if I know I did bad, I wouldn't want to see my results as clearly LOL

But yeah that was pretty much it! The last thing I should mention is how good the sound design is as well. Every cut sounds EXTREMELY satisfying and the calm wind blowing in the title screen gets me in the proper meditative mood. Great job Arjun!

As a "Sword Saint" I'd first like to commend the presentation of "Thousand Cuts." What would otherwise be a simple button-masher is given this sort of grand, epic scope thanks to the falling flower pedals, the whistling breeze, the camera pan down to a mysterious structure, the quick and satisfying slashes across the black screen, and the bloody conclusion. The transitions are slick, and the ranking system is reason enough to retry for a better score. My issue is that it, even though the visuals are well designed, it just takes too long to get from the title screen to the action. The cutscenes and transitions are awesome on a first playthrough, but I'd appreciate the option to skip past the intro to get back to rapid slashing, if only so I could find out whether I beat my previous score.