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Arjun this was such a great way of using the assets, that seemed really out of place, suddenly in a place that fits them perfectly. It's a super creative solution towards making such strange assets feel at place and this game does that very well. I would say that the sounds are a bit too loud, but it does also feel very good to type in this game.

Hey Arjun! This was super satisfying to play. It kind of reminded me of those videos on youtube where people build mechanical keyboards and do typing tests with them. The font and sound effect matched perfectly to give that feeling of typing on a typewriter.

A critique I have would be about the new words coming in. The timer keeps going as the next word slides into focus, but the movement makes it hard for me to read the word as it comes in so I'm losing precious time due to having a harder time to process the word. I'm also losing precious time due to the speed of the word sliding in.

Other than that loved it!

That must have taken so many different counters. 

the aesthetic is super minimalist, which maybe it's just me, but I would liked a tiny bit more color. and that the timer didn't show on the screen during the words and characters slide.

This game is one of my favorites, I adore the implantation of typewriting, and even typing out your score in the end! The sounds and the filling out effects make it so satisfying to play as well.
A thing I would maybe consider would be separating the end sequence with the game. At first I didn't really noticed the game ended, so maybe a background change or a color change might help the player understand that what they're typing out is in fact their score.

Great job!

This game is so simple and fun--I love it! I probably sat here playing for 10 minutes straight because it's just one of those games that really takes you into the zone. The type writer noises were super satisfying and feeling myself get better and better was always nice to see.

For very quick critiques, I think having new words come from top to bottom would be better than having the words come from right to left. When I try to type a word, I usually have to read the entire word first, and once I know the word I know to type, I then type it with my fingers. If the words came from top to bottom, this process would be very easy for me because it allows me to see the entire word right when it appears on screen and go into typing right away. When it comes in from the right, however, I have to wait for the word to center on screen and THEN start typing. I feel like going from right to left definitely helps with the type writing theme, but personally,  I found myself wishing for this change multiple times while playing. Also, I think the color contrast for the letters could be a bit stronger. The black and gray look very alike, and sometimes, I'd get confused about which letter I was stuck on. 

Other than that, though, I really dig this game! I can definitely see myself coming back to play this game, so great job Arjun!