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"Labyrinth Stinker," albeit a better name, is a small game made by co-devs Arjun Jaishankar and Abigail Yaffe for their final Intro To Game Development class taught at the NYU Game Center.

Arjun was responsible for game design and programming while Abigail was responsible for art, sound, and game design.

The game itself is... an experience. To play it, the player must traverse a dark room, they leave a path of lit-up space behind them. There are eyes in the room that represent either a "gem," a "key," or a "monster." Each of these things affect the player differently if the player runs in to them. The player gains points if they get the gem to go in to the light and then picks it up. The player may progress to the next level if they get it to go in to the light and they pick it up. If the player touches the monster, they will lose health, whether it's in or outside the light. If the key or gem are outside the light, and the player touches them, the player loses health.

This game relies heavily on its ambiance and aesthetic to pull the player through its experience. We hope you enjoy it, working on it for a maximum of three weeks definitely gave us some stress.


To reset the game, press F10, to reset the level, press F12.

Install instructions

For windows, open the "Final Dev Project" application.


TorchGameWindows.zip 27 MB
TorchGameMac.app.zip 43 MB
Project-Torchlight.zip 593 MB


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better name than what?

And how would the player be able to pick up either key or gem in the light if the light is behind them?